Friday, April 16, 2010

I Made The Right Choice

I spent most of the night and part of the morning I was headed to Vegas, e-mailing a specific escort. I was trying to set up a last minute arrangement for her to join me for a business dinner later that night. I knew I didn't have much time to figure out who would be an asset rather than a downfall to the whole situation. She had to be beautiful, able to carry a conversation as well as know how to be quiet, a great smile, and not let out of the bag that she was an escort. I did end up asking her to have some one on one with me after cocktails, she was perfect. I would have to say the early morning conversation really hooked me, I made the right choice.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bad Choice

I had one of the worst times ever while i was headed to and even once I got to Vegas. In a sea of disasters, happening one on top of each other, I was sent an angel and by accident. I booked my flight on line, weeks before my trip to Las Vegas, gave my credit card number and printed out my boarding pass, just like always. I called for a cab to pick me up. It never showed up. I called a friend to take me, right when we were pulling up to the departing gates, we were rear ended. I gave my bag to the skycap and I ran to my gate. It was open seating on the flight and since I was the last passenger on the plane that day I didn't have much to choose from. Either sit next to the only teething baby or some fat, smelly, drunk guy who took up one and a half seats. It was a 4 hr flight so i chose the obvious seat next to the fat guy. lol. Bad choice! He smelt so bad I had to hold my breath, he ended up falling asleep but snored so loud, that everyone on the flight was annoyed. Once we landed and traveled the 2 miles to our baggage claim, i found myself in Vegas but my bad was not. Aargh.....I left them my hotel information and went on my way. Once I got to the hotel I thought my troubles would be over, nope, not yet. They had no record of my reservation and had to downgrade my room. So I had already been charged one fee for a much nicer room and charged again for the new room. I get to the room and it wasn't clean, the bed was unmade and the toilet was full of something I cant even begin to describe. They have me come all the way back downstairs to get another room key for a different room. Did they upgrade me? Umm....NO! By now I needed a drink, OK, many drinks. I got a bloody Mary spilled on me, burned by a cigarette, and lost about $500 on the tables. I'm thinking It would be best if I make this night end and in a hurry. While getting ready to call it a night there was a knock at the door, it was a very beautiful escort girl, she asked me if I had called for her? NO, but I wish that I had. A bellmen walked up at that moment and gave me my bag, I asked her in from the hall so she could call her company, she said. She explained that I did not call for her company but they insisted I did. They threatened to make all kinds of charges to my credit card that was being held at the front desk. I was so confused by the claims and unwilling to allow the charge to take place, so I gave her cash. Having never experienced the company of an escort in Las Vegas I inquired about additional cost for more of her time. I went for it. I have to say that it was the only thing i actually enjoyed during the entire trip. Will absolutely do it again.