Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just To Get Away And Party For The Weekend

Me and my girlfriend planned a trip to Las Vegas, just to get away and party for the weekend. It all sounds well and good, right? She ends up showing me a website with all these escorts and asks me if I would be interested in possibly having one of them join us in our room for some fun, one of the nights we are there?

What man in his right mind would say NO? Is it a trick? I wasn't sure how to react to it, so I asked her if she was just kidding or what? She was really, genuinely wanting to bring that third person into our party in Vegas. WOW! She blew my mind. She was in charge of setting everything up and she did. I was still nervous when it came time for her to arrive at the hotel, had had a few drinks to say the least.

The girl gets there and my girlfriend gets upset because she is hotter than she is. WTF? That was it! My experience with an escort in Vegas consisted of her showing up and then turning around and leaving because my girlfriend wasn't up to par? THAT SUCKED! My girlfriend is beautiful and she really had nothing to be upset about. Next visit I'm going alone and calling the same company. lol